When You Need a J.E.D.I Master Consultant

Holliday Advisors is a Strategic Advisory and Communication Agency engaging Political, Advocacy and Policy Institutions to build an equitable, inclusive space, where all people are valued and appreciated for their contribution to the mission.

Holli Holliday

CEO and J.E.D.I. Master Holliday Advisors

As CEO and J.E.D.I Master of Holliday Advisors, Holli combines her business savvy, legal acumen, and political campaign experiences to provide diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies to help organizations create welcoming workplaces and develop high-functioning teams that deliver on their mission and vision while living their values. She engages in policy, advocacy, and political organizations primarily and exclusively with clients who are committed to the principles of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (J.E.D.I.). In addition to the team at Holliday Advisors, Holli works as part of a collaborative business consultant model with a breadth of expertise and talent to provide the services needed to create success for every project and client.

In 1996, Holli Holliday began her career in civil rights and discrimination law working on cases such as Jones v. Clinton and KCMSD School Desegregation case. As a former Non-Profit executive, Holli has passionately worked to improve the management practices to improve the quality of services offered to the community. She has worked for local, regional and national organizations managing a staff of more than 2000 and budgets in excess of $24 million. As a politician, Holli helped manage or advise hundreds of campaigns of good people who fight for families, communities and small businesses. As consultant, she is armed with the practical nature of good business, the aspirational passion for the greater good and ability to prepare for the future, even in a crisis. A creative thinker, seasoned trainer and dynamic moderator/facilitator, she uses her talents to help clients develop healthy workplace cultures and high performing teams to build inclusive democracy in America. Holli works with clients to imagine the possibilities and plan for the reality.

Holli is a graduate of Howard University and University of Missouri – Kansas City School of Law. She is mid-coastal dividing her time between Kansas City, Missouri and the Washington DC area.

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